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Frequently Asked Questions

At Controlled Vehicle Access, we are often contacted by new customers with the following questions:

Why won’t my electric gate open?

From our experience, the issues could arise from lack of power to the control board, faulty safety circuits or a permanent trigger to the control board. Our engineers will systematically test all of the circuits and safety devices present and rectify any issues found as quickly as possible.


Why does my automated gate go partly closed and then open back up?

Generally, this is related to settings within the control board which stop excessive force being applied to the gate when moving to reduce the risk of crushing. This malfunction can be simply rectified by way of altering and setting the parameters correctly.


What does my automatic gate sound like it is binding when opening and closing?

It could be that the drive rail track is worn out or misaligned. Our engineers can realign the drive track for you or replace any items if required.


Why is my electric gate not running but I can hear constant beeping?

Our engineer will need to come and reset your safety circuits or devices. This means that the safety device has done the job it was designed to do.


Is it possible to upgrade my existing electric gates without changing my motors?

This is a very frequent question that we get asked, and of course our engineers can supply and fit replacement timber, hardwood, wrought iron or aluminium gates to your existing system with minimal disruption.


My Automated Gates are stuck open and will not close – what is the problem?

Nine times out of ten, this will be related to a safety circuit. By testing all of the safety devices and cabling on your electric gate system we will have you up and running again in no time.


Is it possible for me to have one remote control with four buttons to control my entry and exit gates as well as two garage doors individually?

Absolutely! We can supply and install a system that will do exactly this.

Contact us today to repair, service or take up one of our service contracts for your complete peace of mind.

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