Automatic Gate & Barrier Safety & Force Testing
In Cheshire

Automatically operated gates and barriers are generally installed for the protection of persons and / or property and you need to be safe in the knowledge that your automated system is safe in operation and complies with the impact force standards established in the harmonized European Standards EN 12445 & E12453.

If you own or manage premises that operate automated gates or an automatic barrier system you have a legal responsibility to ensure that the automated gate / automatic barrier system is force tested annually to EN12453. A fully documented Force Test to EN12453 records the force exerted by the automated gate / automatic barrier and should not exceed the permitted levels.

Do you need to have your automatic gate or barrier serviced


The short answer to whether your gate or barrier needs servicing is Yes. Routine maintenance of an automated gate / barrier is an essentially to ensure you are complying with the latest legislation and will increase the life span of your automated system. The frequency in which an automated system requires inspecting is largely dependent on how may operations are carried out each day, as a general rule of thumb a domestic automated gate should be serviced annually with a force impact test carried out annually. Commercial installations including apartment blocks and schools should be serviced bi-annually with a force impact test carried out annually or when modifications are made to the automated gate / automatic barrier.

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Gate Danger Zones

Any gate system that has been incorrectly or poorly installed can be a serious hazard. Incorrect motor pressures and force limit settings can result in serious injury or death and should only be configured by qualified professional automation installation engineers.

Areas to be tested

We advise all customers to have their system fully inspected and tested if;

- The installation was not carried out by an approved or registered company.
- You have no installation records or completed service certificates for the system.
- Are a School or your premises put children at risk!!

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Force Test in Action

  • If your Automatic Gate System Force test is FAILED, Further work will be required to bring your installation up to the required standard and compliance. This will involve additional hardware or safety devices being installed onto your Electric Gate System. If your Automatic Gate System Force test is PASSED, We will provide a certificate.


Safety Notice

Automation Systems are designed to guarantee high levels of safety & security. They should be equipped with detection devices that prevent movement if objects or people are in the way, guaranteeing safe and reliable activation. However children should not be allowed to play in the vicinity of automated systems. To prevent accidental activation, keep all remote controls away from children. Our automation systems are not toys!

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